What oVio360™ Can Do For You

We're bringing identification into the 21st century and creating an encrypted digital fingerprint that is setting the new gold standard for today's digital world.

Powered by a patented system that captures hundreds of high resolution images compiled into a dynamic 360° video profile, oVio360™ digital identification system is a major advance for law enforcement, government security, human resources, industrial and private security industries and so much more. oVio360™ patented software technology and state-of-the-art imaging system is aiming to transform how private and public sectors track and catalog criminals, inmates, employees, and so much more.

Our Mission

Create "living" profiles that will allow you to view a suspect as you would encounter them in real life situations.

Police departments locally and nationwide still rely on outdated paper-and-pencil drawings to create composite sketches of potential changes in a criminals appearance. oVio360™ proprietary software will permit "morphing" or image manipulation, allowing the viewer to forecast changes to the appearance of the subject to reflect actual or potential modifications in appearance.

Establish 360° video image profiles of each new hire, allowing you to take the first step in gaining a better understanding of who your employees really are.

By maximizing oVio360™ dynamic imaging system and meta tag capable software system, you can gain a better overview of who your employees really are. This can be an incredibly useful tool for businesses large and small, especially when many types of outdated company intranet software programs only allow users to add simple text to their employee profiles.

With oVio360™ state-of-the-art imaging technology system completing a full rotation in 12 seconds, we can make the inmate admission and identification process quick and simple.

Now you can create a digital profile for every prisoner, that can be cataloged and searched easily by prison staff in minutes. Prison classification specialists develop an individual profile of each inmate that includes the offender's crime, social background, education, job skills and work history, health, and criminal record, including prior prison sentences.

Government travel screening for the general public can be a very useful tool in processing programs like expedited airport security screening programs.

Along with creating 360° dynamic imaging profiles for passengers who are considered low-risk, it is equally important to catalog those deemed potential threats, to track and categorize each person by classification. With oVio360id's™ video profile software can be a useful tool for Immigration and Citizenship Screening purposes, Industrial and Private Security sectors and much more.