What is oVio?

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Integrated hardware/software ecosystem​

Proprietary/patented SubjectView360™ centering and imaging method​

Complete software suite manages centering, capture, filing, storage, and indexing​

Open API for integration with existing databases and systems​

Robotic camera movement captures 360 degree image file in 12 seconds​


Changing How Men and Machines See the World

We view the world in real life. Dynamic. Dimensional. Volumetric. But we see ourselves differently. Static. 2D. Lifeless.


oVio creates multi-modal, dimensional, volumetric, dynamic still image and video files, to help men and machines see us as we really are. Or could be.

A State-of-the-art, Interactive Imaging Technology


What is the system comprised of?

The oVio360 imaging system is an integrated hardware/software platform. The onboard computer contains 32GB of RAM, 500G of onboard storage and a 1TB expandable SSD hard drive for additional storage. The imaging system is comprised of dual cameras, a 42" centering monitor, fully integrated operator station, and oVio's proprietary software suite.

What makes our technology unique?

oVio is the first company delivering 360 degree dynamic imagery, as opposed to current traditional, outdated static 2D images. Our system, utilizing a global shutter, machine vision camera, captures 360 high resolution still images that are transcoded in real time into a 12 second, 360 degree video file. Each still image is encoded with the degree at which the image was taken, and all still are stored and can be exported individually. The still images and videos can be viewed, tagged, edited, and shared securely and privately locally or on a cloud based solution using any browser or mobile device. The oVio image files are also ideal files for the creation of 3D images. The 3D files can be created without the use of CG effects, and are therefore 100% accurate.

What are the dimensions of the oVio unit?

The oVio unit has a footprint of 68" width by 49" in depth, with a flexible height starting as low as 8 feet. The free area required by the unit during use is 73” in width by 90” in depth. The weight of the unit on the pedestal stand, including all peripherals, is approximately 260 lbs.

How long does the setup take?

Installation can be accomplished in as little as 2 hours or less by our trained professional installation team.

How big is the video file size

Each rotation file is comprised of 360 stills and an MP4 video with a combined file size of 200MB.

How can the files be stored?

All image files can be stored locally on the internal SSD hard drive, to a local network NAS or LAN, or securely on a cloud based system

Is training included?

Training is included with every installation; however, the oVio system is extremely user friendly and does not require extensive training. Support can also be provided remotely, through our web-based support facilities.

How long does a scan take?

Each complete rotation takes 12 seconds (30 frames taken per second, or one per degree).

What type of file is it?

The still images are JPEGs. The transcoded video is stored in both .AVI and .MOV formats. MP4 files can also be created. 3D files can be created in standard formats (.OBJ, etc.), and even a readable .PDF file.

Can you take stills from the video? How many pixels are the stills?

Each video rotation contains 360 still images (1 still per degree), all of which are stored along with the video file and can be exported as separate files. Still images are 2048X2048 resolution.

How do I share my files to our other business location(s) securely or anywhere else remotely?

A variety of options are available for sharing, including an oVio provided cloud solution.